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Hair Systems

Non-surgical hair replacements for thinning and balding clients.  Using premium hair systems made from real human hair and durable, breathable bases.

What you want to know

What will the first appointment look like?
- For your first appointment you will have the new hair system precisely and uniquely fit to your head.  It will then be installed followed by a haircut and style.  I will of course give you some lessons, tips & tricks on how to style your new hair. Expect roughly around 3 hours for this appointment.

What happens next?

- Monthly appointments to remove, cleanse, re apply, followed by hair cut. Expect roughly around 1.5 hours for this appointment.

Can you still shower and wash your hair? Will it fall off?

- YES!  It is better for your hair system that you do shampoo and condition it daily. You can blow-dry and style your hair as well.  Freely confidently live your life.  Play hockey, go in the hot tub, drive with the windows down. There are little tips and tricks that will be shared with you at your appointments.

How long does the hair system last?

- Expectation is around 3-6 months, sometimes longer or shorter depending the care at home

Who is the best candidate for a hair system?

- Anyone who is balding, bald, thinning, alopecia, or receding hair line.  You can also purchase frontal pieces for just the front recession area of your head, which wont require you do wear the full size piece.  

How do I book in?

- Please book in a consultation by clicking the BOOK NOW button at the top of the page. 

Any other questions or inquiries please reach out below

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